Live Nation與加拿大的Evenko合作

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  • Live Nation與加拿大的Evenko合作


    ◎Live Nation宣布與加拿大推銷商和製作人Evenko建立合作關係。該戰略合作夥伴關係將建立在兩家公司間、長達15年的工作關係上,以增加在魁北克和加拿大在大西洋沿岸地區的娛樂事業商機。
    ◎Evenko表示,藉由Live Nation的全球宣傳力量,這項合作關係將有益推廣在蒙特婁和魁北克的音樂節和活動,以及藝人在其他地區的巡迴演出。Evenko將繼續監督公司的所有業務,包括每年在魁北克省和加拿大大西洋省舉辦的1,500多次音樂、家庭和體育賽事。包括:(OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival),、(îLESONIQ)和最近宣布的鄉村音樂節(LASSOMontréal)。
    ◎Evenko還將繼續管理和安排各種場所,包括Bell Centre、 MTELUS、Place Bell、Corona Theatre。


    Live Nation has announced a partnership with Canadian promoter and producer Evenko. The strategic partnership will build on a 15-year working relationship between the two companies and is intended to grow entertainment opportunities in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.
    "This is great news for Evenko and music fans throughout Quebec, who will now enjoy a broader range of concerts and shows, with Montreal becoming a must stop on major international artists’ world tours," said president and CEO of Evenko Jacques Aubé in a release. "This partnership will allow us to benefit from Live Nation’s global promotional strength to promote our festivals and events in Montreal and Quebec, as well as Evenko Agency and Spectra Musique artists’ tours outside the province."
    Evenko will continue to oversee all operations of the business, including the more than 1,500 musical, family and sporting events it produces annually throughout the province of Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The Canadian promoter will continue to operate under the same name and will continue to produce its numerous festival properties, including OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival, îLESONIQ and the recently announced country music festival LASSO Montréal.
    Evenko will also continuing to manage and program a variety of venues including, Bell Centre, MTELUS, Place Bell and the Corona Theatre.
    "This partnership brings with it a beautiful synergy and a shared belief in bringing the biggest concerts to Quebec and Eastern Canada," said Live Nation Canada chairman Riley O’Connor in a release. "Having been born and raised in Montreal, I am truly excited to collaborate with our friends at Evenko to further strengthen our presence in the marketplace and expand our international footprint."
    Day-to-day operations of Evenko will continue to be in the hands of its current employees with the head office, management group and staff remaining in Montreal. Aubé, who’s played an important role in Evenko since 1997 and was most recently COO, now assumes the leadership of the newly created entity as president and CEO.