Live Nation, Ticketmaster 實施新一輪的無薪假

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  • Live Nation, Ticketmaster 實施新一輪的無薪假


    ◎「Live Nation Entertainment」已通過其美國場館和Ticketmaster北美部門實施第二輪無薪假。新冠病毒大流行持續影響音樂會業務,影響了數百名工作人員。
    ◎2019年,Live Nation創造116億美元的收入,今年第三季開始不到一個月,公司幾乎沒有收入,每月支出為1.85億美元。這家巡迴演出巨人於3月13日退出巡迴演出,僅舉行過自駕音樂會。雖然Billboard沒有確切的數字,但消息人士估計,最新一輪的成本削減已影響到數百名員工。
    ◎身陷大流行的Live Nation該怎麼辦?裁員包括大幅削減Live Nation某些地區辦事處,例如克利夫蘭和底特律,而舊金山和洛杉磯的辦事處也受到影響。公司發言人坦承實施無薪假,但無法進一步發表評論。由於大流行,該公司在4月實施無薪假並解雇數百名員工,5月進行一系列裁員,公司10,500名員工中的2,100名受影響,減少6億美元成本。根據加州就業發展部的數據,Live Nation在舊金山、洛杉磯等地,總計有超過千名員工受到影響,被迫休無薪假或被裁。
    ◎由於大流行,包括:AEG、Paradigm、the Agency for the Performing Arts、 Stubhub、CAA 與WME在內的多家現場娛樂公司,都不得不裁員。


    Live Nation Entertainment has begun a second round of companywide furloughs through its U.S. venues and Ticketmaster North America divisions. The cuts affects hundreds of staff members as the concert business continues to grapple with the human costs of the coronavirus pandemic.
    In 2019, Live Nation generated $11.6 billion in revenue, but the publicly-traded company is now less than a month away from beginning its third quarter with virtually no revenue and a $185 million in monthly expenses. The touring giant pulled its tours from the road on March 13 and has since only dabbled in pandemic-safe productions, such as drive-in concerts. While Billboard doesn't have an exact number, sources estimate that hundreds of employees have been affected by the latest round of cost reductions, which were first reported by Pollstar.
    The reductions included deep cuts to some of Live Nation's regional offices like Cleveland and Detroit, while offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles were also affected.
    "It's brutal," said one agent as the news trickled across social media. A company spokesperson acknowledged the furloughs took place, but was unable to comment further. In April the company furloughed and laid off hundreds of employees as a result of the pandemic, followed a series of cuts in May that affected 2,100 of its 10,500 employees across multiple divisions at the company to reduce costs by $600 million.
    Live entertainment companies including AEG, Paradigm, the Agency for the Performing Arts, Stubhub, CAA and WME have all had to make staffing cuts and job reductions as a result of the pandemic.
    UTA to Reinstate Staff Pay, Lay Off 50 Employees
    Venues have been particularly hard hit -- for Live Nation, the Fillmore in San Francisco and the House of Blues in Anaheim saw more than 325 full-time and part-time employees furloughed or laid off, according to the California Employment Development Department, while 71 positions were affected at the Observatory in Santa Ana and the Wiltern in L.A. shed nearly 700 positions.