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  • LiveXLive將Slacker平台結合至其應用程式中


    ◎LiveXLive Media是一家專注於現場活動的音樂科技公司,它推出了一款經過重新設計的應用程式,將來自全球超過35個音樂節的現場串流直播與其Slacker錄製音樂串流平台結合在一起。

    ◎LiveXLive產品負責人Tad Ro表示「新的應用程式透過像是多個實時頻道等功能來增強音頻和視頻體驗,實時視頻轉播有多個視角觀看舞台、垂直式的無邊框視頻、動態視頻播放器來支援直播和隨選視頻播放,由Slacker驅動的音樂服務獨特地以數據訊息和人工策劃為基礎,適用於串流音樂電台。」



    LiveXLive Media, the music tech company focused on live events, has launched a redesigned app that brings live streams from more than 35 global music festivals together with its Slacker recorded music streaming platform.

    "The redesigned app allows music fans to access the best in live music events and recorded music anywhere, from their cars to their homes, furthering our mission to unify bands, brands, and fans all over the world," said Robert Ellin, Chairman and CEO of LiveXLive.

    "Our goal is to create the ultimate personalized video, audio and social destination for music fans, with unparalleled access to the artists," said Tad Ro, Head of Product for LiveXLive. "The new app enhances the audio and video experience through features such as multiple live channels for live video broadcasts with multi-view perspectives of stages, vertical edge-to-edge video, a dynamic video player to support both live streams and video-on-demand playback, and the Slacker-powered music service that's uniquely based on data-informed, human curation for streaming music stations."

    Launching today, to coincide with LiveXLive's coverage of EDC Las Vegas and the Hangout Music Festival, the new LiveXLive app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

    Premium subscriptions include more than 100 on demand advertising-free live performances and more than forty live music events, as well as original music, pop culture, and episodic content, special live events, and expertly curated audio stations with unlimited skips.