LiveXLive財務數據顯示 2020年第二季收入為1050萬美元

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  • LiveXLive財務數據顯示 2020年第二季收入為1050萬美元


    ◎LiveXLive在上一季播放了45個音樂直播,產生超過7600萬次即時觀看。其中大部分來自4月份歷時48小時的“Music Lives”線上音樂節,該音樂節由TikTok和Facebook的Oculus Venues贊助,獲得了超過5,000萬次即時觀看。
    ◎LiveXLive本季擁有877,000個付費用戶,同比增長20%。LiveXLive一直在籌集資金來支持業務:7月份,LiveXLive完成了1750萬美元的普通股融資,其中包括主要音樂合作夥伴-Universal Music Group,將1000萬美元的債務轉換為股權。LiveXLive現在還與主要現有機構股東,簽訂1500萬美元的高級有擔保可轉換融資協議。


    US music-streaming and livestreaming company LiveXLive has published its latest financial results, including a new record for quarterly revenues: $10.5m.
    That’s in the second quarter of 2020 (its fiscal Q1), with those revenues having grown by 11% year-on-year. The company reported a net loss of $7.5m though, although at least that was down from $11m this time last year.
    LiveXLive ran 45 music livestreams last quarter, which it said generated more than 76m live views. The bulk of those came from the 48-hour ‘Music Lives’ online festival in April, which was sponsored by TikTok and Facebook’s Oculus Venues, garnering more than 50m live views.
    LiveXLive also ended the quarter with 877,000 paid subscribers, up by 20% year-on-year. About those losses, though: the $7.5m net loss last quarter follows losses of $38.9m and $37.8m in its last two fiscal years.
    LiveXLive has been raising money to support its business: it completed a $17.5m common stock financing in July “including conversion of $10.0 million of liabilities into equity by a major music partner” – that’s Universal Music Group, by the way.
    LiveXLive is now also entering into “a $15.0 million senior secured convertible financing agreement with a major existing institutional shareholder”.