Making Vinyl Packaging Awards(製作黑膠包裝大獎)開放報名中

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  • Making Vinyl Packaging Awards(製作黑膠包裝大獎)開放報名中


    ◎如果您有參與過去一年製作的黑膠唱片或CD的包裝創作,就有資格參加2018 Making Vinyl Packaging Awards(製作黑膠包裝大獎)的競爭,該獎項現在開放接受14個類別的報名,突顯了為什麼包裝媒體在數位時代仍然很重要。報名截止日期是8月15日。




    If you were involved in the creation of a vinyl or CD package produced in the past year you are eligible to enter the 2018 Making Vinyl Packaging Awards, which is now accepting submissions in 14 categories that highlight why packaged media is still important in the digital age. Deadline is Aug. 15.

    Entries may come from record labels, art directors, designers, pressing plants, brokers, packagers, printers, mastering facilities, artists, and distributors from anywhere in the world. To be eligible, releases must be out from Sept. 1, 2017 to Oct. 1, 2018.

    Submissions will be judged online by award-winning art directors in the U.S. and Europe. In late August, the winners will be selected from the finalists at the offices of AIGA, the prestigious design organization, and receive their prizes at a ceremony in Detroit on Oct. 1 at the Making Vinyl convention.

    Among the 14 categories are "Save The Earth," recognizing innovations in sustainability; "They Said It Couldn't Be Done," recognizing innovation in structural design for both vinyl & CD; "Best Record Store Day Vinyl," recognizing the best limited-edition releases created for RSD 2018 in April and RSD Black Friday 2017; and "Best CD Boxed Set."