Mark Ronson將發行一支互動式Instagram音樂視頻

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  • Mark Ronson將發行一支互動式Instagram音樂視頻


    ◎由於Facebook持續簽署包括Instagram在內的音樂許可協議,因此藝人和唱片公司一直在思考,他們可以在受歡迎的社交應用程式上,使用音樂和視頻做些什麼。Mark Ronson是最新典範:他與King Princess的《Pieces of Us》正在製作一支個創造性的互動音樂視頻,內容完全來自Instagram的故事。
    ◎AdWeek報導,該視頻是由Columbia Records、Sony的4th Floor Creative與Facebook自己的Creative Shop團隊合作。視頻完全以手機拍攝,具有AR效果,但沒有後製。
    ◎Sony Music表示,該視頻將在48小時內,整合粉絲互動內容製作,整個視頻將通過Ronson的Instagram頁面發布長視頻工具IGTV。這也是Facebook日前開放其Spark AR for Instagram創作工具以來,推出的首批此類視頻之一。


    As Facebook has continued to sign music-licensing deals that include Instagram, so artists and labels have been thinking about what more they can do with music and videos on the popular social app. Mark Ronson is the latest example of an artist to benefit: his ‘Pieces of Us’ track with King Princess is getting an inventive ‘interactive’ music video, made available entirely through Instagram stories.
    AdWeek reports that the video is a collaboration between Columbia Records, Sony’s 4th Floor Creative and Facebook’s own ‘Creative Shop’ team.
    “It was shot entirely using mobile phones, with AR effects but no postproduction, and Sony Music said Instagram Stories will appear over two consecutive 24-hour cycles, with each providing different ways for fans to interact,” it reported. “Fans will be able to do so via polls, questions and AR effects… Sony Music said the video will evolve across the 48-hour time period to incorporate content generated by fans, and the full video will then be posted to Ronson’s Instagram page via long-form video tool IGTV.” It sounds fun, and is one of the first such videos launched since Facebook opened up its Spark AR for Instagram creation tool earlier this month.