Martina McBride高喊 Spotify的女性代表不足

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  • Martina McBride高喊 Spotify的女性代表不足


    ◎鄉村音樂明星Martina McBride在Spotify上建立鄉村音樂播放清單時,發現絕大多數推薦的歌曲,都是由男性藝人演唱,她更新Spotify歌曲推薦清單14次後,才出現一位女性藝人 - Carrie Underwood,因此決定大聲評論。
    ◎McBride指出,將Spotify與Apple Music的A-List國家播放清單進行比較, Apple Music在65個藝人中,女性共有13人,比例佔20%。
    ◎這幾年來電台、電視節目中播放女性鄉村藝人音樂不足已成為公眾辯論的主題。這是一個循環問題 – 因為收音機上播放的女性藝人越來越少,意味著唱片公司簽下的女性藝人減少,而這是如今Spotify和其他串流媒體的一個首要問題。


    While creating a country music playlist on Spotify, country star Martina McBride found that the overwhelming majority of the songs recommended were sung by men and decided to speak out.
    McBride says she hard to refresh her list of Spotify song recommendations 14 times before it included one women - Carrie Underwood.
    “And this on a week when we had four stellar releases by women,” wrote McBride, citing new music from Trisha Yearwood, Tanya Tucker, the Highwomen, Kelsea Ballerini, and Sheryl Crow.
    Comparing Spotify to Apple Music’s A-List Country playlist, McBride noted that Apple Music had 13 women out of 65 total, or 20 percent.
    The underrepresentation of women in country music on radio and now on streaming has been the subject of much public debate for several years. It's a circular problem - fewer women on radio mean that the labels sign fewer women which leads to even fewer woman on the radio.
    It's a major problem that Spotify and other streamer