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  • MelodyVR展示beta智慧手機應用程式和'Viewer'硬體


    ◎首先,它推出了針對Android和iOS裝置的應用程式的封閉測試版,計劃今夏推出商業版。它將可以對該公司目錄中的表演和音樂相關VR內容,提供360度視頻、可以在手機上觀看而不需要頭戴裝置的影片。該公司第二個戰略板塊則是推出自家的硬體MelodyVR Viewer,這是一款高品質、低成本產品,可讓任何擁有近期智慧型手機的人體會真正的VR體驗,而無需專用的VR裝置。

    ◎這項裝置將於今年推出,與目前的硬體產品相比,成本極低,定價尚未公佈,設備外觀很像Google的Daydream View耳機。


    One of the things holding back music virtual-reality startups so far as been the slower-than-expected growth of VR-headset ownership. Now startup MelodyVR is making moves to tackle that challenge.

    First: it's launched a closed beta of its app for Android and iOS devices, with plans for a commercial launch this summer. It'll offer the company's catalogue of performances and music-related VR content as 360-degree videos, watchable on a phone with no headset required. However, the second plank in the company's strategy is the launch of its own hardware: the MelodyVR Viewer. "A high quality, low-cost product that enables anyone with a recent smartphone to experience a true VR experience, without the need for a dedicated VR device," as the company pitched it in an announcement to the financial markets.

    The viewer device will launch later this year "at an extremely low cost compared to current hardware offerings". Pricing hasn't been announced yet. Based on the preview site launched by the company, the viewer looks a lot like Google's Daydream View headset.

    In separate news, MelodyVR has teamed up with the UK's Wireless Festival in July as a launch event for the new app, with plans to stream performances and host a VR space for fans to "hang out" with artists virtually during the concerts.