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  • MelodyVR的財報顯示其2018年的虧損為1470萬美元



    ◎該公司承諾除了獨立的頭戴裝置之外,未來還將把更多的工作重點放在移動裝置上。該公司執行主席Anthony Matchett表示,「隨著VR裝置的不斷發展,我們將專注於我們的移動裝置戰略,將我們音樂內容庫的覆蓋範圍擴展到全球10億多支智慧型手機裝置。」


    Virtual-reality music startup MelodyVR has reported a loss of $14.7 million on revenues of $1,6 million in 2018. It was the first full year that its signature app was available.

    The company promised to focus more future efforts on mobile in addition to standalone headsets.

    "While VR device adoption continues to build, we will focus on our mobile strategy to extend the reach of our music content library to the 1 billion plus smartphone devices around the world," said Executive Chairman Anthony Matchett. "Where others have scaled operations in anticipation of mass market appeal, our measured expansion has allowed us to conserve valuable cash resources, preserve agility and capitalise on our first mover advantage in this young and embryonic industry."