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  • MelodyVR虛擬實境音樂平台正式推出



    ◎隨著每週推出新的表演,MelodyVR應用程式現已在英國和美國推出,最初是透過Oculus Go和三星GearVR裝置觀看,為用戶提供預先錄製的表演、原創內容和策劃的旅程以供選擇和購買,這將會改變粉絲與藝人聯繫及體驗音樂的方式。在接下來的幾個月裡,MelodyVR將通過虛擬實境串流直播演唱會,並提供大咖藝人售罄的表演的虛擬門票,使無人數限制的粉絲能夠隨選參加全球各地的演唱會。

    ◎MelodyVR及其母公司EVR Holdings早些時候宣布募得3000萬美元的資金,迄今為止募資金額已超過7000萬美元。新募得的資金將用於該公司在全球的擴張,並在其他國際市場推出MelodyVR產品。作為唯一獲得授權的VR音樂平台,MelodyVR已經和產業內包括主流和獨立唱片公司及發行商等許多公司達成合作夥伴關係,並與包括2 Chainz、Rag'n'Bone Man和Niall Horan在內的眾多國際藝人合作,共同打造世界上最大的沉浸式和互動式虛擬實境音樂體驗資料庫。

    ◎隨著Oculus Go等獨立VR頭戴裝置目前已達到普及化的價格(199美元),已經充滿活力的VR市場將在未來幾年呈幾何級數增長。目前的市場預測顯示,到2021年用戶將超過3.5億人,而去年有30億美元投資於虛擬和替代實境。


    MelodyVR, the dedicated virtual reality music platform that enables fans to experience music performances in a revolutionary new way, is now available.

    The revolutionary MelodyVR app offers music fans an incredible selection of immersive performances from today's biggest artists. Fans are transported all over the world to sold-out stadium shows, far-flung festivals, and exclusive VIP sessions, and experience the music they love.

    What MelodyVR delivers is a unique and world-class set of original experiences, created with multiple vantage points, to give fans complete control over what they see and where they stand at a performance. By selecting different Jump Spots, MelodyVR users can choose to be in the front row, deep in the crowd, or up-close-and-personal with the band on stage.

    They can stand alongside KISS amidst an explosion of confetti, catch the London Symphony Orchestra from the middle of the action or steal a moment alone with Sigrid as she plays catchy choruses under clear blue skies. These are truly unobtainable experiences – better than the best seats in the house.

    With fresh performances rolling out weekly, the MelodyVR app is now available in the UK and United States – initially via Oculus Go and Samsung GearVR devices – and offer users an extraordinary selection of pre-recorded performances, original content and curated Journeys to choose from and purchase. As such, it will undoubtedly revolutionize the way fans connect with artists and experience music.

    Over the coming months, MelodyVR will live stream concerts via Virtual Reality and offer virtual tickets to sold-out shows with the biggest artists, enabling an unlimited number of fans to attend in-demand concerts around the globe.

    Earlier today, MelodyVR and its parent company EVR Holdings, announced a fundraising of $30 million dollars, taking total funding to over $70 million to-date. The additional capital raised today will be used to fuel corporate expansion globally and to launch the MelodyVR product in additional international markets.

    As the only licensed VR music platform, MelodyVR has secured partnerships across the industry, including major and independent labels and publishers, and teamed up with a remarkable array of international artists including 2 Chainz, Rag'n'Bone Man and Niall Horan to build the world's largest library of immersive and interactive virtual reality music experiences.

    With standalone VR headsets like the Oculus Go now available at an extremely accessible price point ($199), the already vibrant VR market is set to grow exponentially over the coming years. Current market forecasts suggest over 350 million users by 2021 and last year saw $3 billion invested in virtual and alternative reality.

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