Metro批准為納什維爾的獨立音樂場地 提供200萬美元援助

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  • Metro批准為納什維爾的獨立音樂場地 提供200萬美元援助


    ◎納什維爾的Metro委員會批准一項建議,從「CARES Act」法案的資金中,向年收入在500萬美元或以下的納什維爾獨立音樂場所,提供200萬美元的緊急支持贈款。每筆款項最多可提供兩個月的當前營運支出,不包括薪水,每位申請者的款項不得超過100,000美元。
    ◎Metro委員會成員(Courtney Johnston)表示,現場音樂是納什維爾的心臟和靈魂,也是當地經濟的巨大推動力。每年現場音樂場館共舉辦5600場音樂會,對旅遊業產生了重大影響,這項建議向46000名音樂家提供了500萬美元的補償,數百個工作,超過200萬美元的州和地方稅,及向當地業主支付的租金超過110萬美元。
    ◎(Courtney Johnston)還指出,根據(Tennessee Lookout)最近發表的一篇文章指出,平均還有不到六週的時間,許多小型獨立的納什維爾音樂場所將被迫關門,從現在起不到13週,除非得到幫助,有景點都將永久關閉。


    Nashville’s Metro Council approved a recommendation to give $2 million in emergency support grants from CARES Act funding to Nashville independent music venues that have annual revenues of $5 million or less. The funds for music venues will be administered through Pathway Lending.
    Each grant will provide a maximum of two months of current operating expenses, excluding payroll and not to exceed a grant of $100,000 per recipient.
    “Live music is the heart and soul of Nashville as well as a huge driver of our local economy,” Metro Council member Courtney Johnston said in introducing the recommendation. “Annually, live music venues account for 5,600 concerts significantly impacting tourism, $5m in compensation to 46,000 musicians, hundreds of jobs, over $2m in state and local taxes, and over $1.1m in rent payments to local property owners.”
    Johnston also noted a recent piece from Tennessee Lookout that stated an average of less than six weeks remain until many small, independent Nashville music venues are forced to close their doors, adding that less than 13 weeks from now, all but one would be permanently closed, unless they receive assistance.
    “We risk losing the irreplaceable foundation of Nashville’s entire live music ecosystem, the loss of which would be culturally unfathomable and devastating economically,” Johnston said.
    The recommendation passed Tuesday evening, with 36 members voting in favor of the bill, while two abstained and one was absent. Additionally, another $2 million was approved for small businesses, though it was noted that venues that receive grants are not also eligible for additional grant dollars through the small and micro businesses grant.
    Eligible grant recipients must be live music venues that are independent, Nashville-owned, and primarily used for live music entertainment. Eligible venues must require concert tickets, admissions and/or other cover charges for entry at least 50% of the time the facility is open to the public. The funds are geared toward music venues where ticket sales are required and alcohol and food sales are ancillary to the performance revenues. Eligible venues’ annual receipts for the 12-month period ending Feb. 29, 2020 also cannot exceed five million dollars.
    Eligible venues that have been convicted of a citation, warrant or administrative penalty for violation of a Metro emergency COVID-19 public health order can be determined by the committee to be ineligible to receive funds.
    A metro council member says following application and approval, venues could expect to receive funds within days. Music venues should reach out to Pathway Lending as they work to prepare applications for eligible music venues.