Michael Jackson遺產管理委員會於YouTube釋出演唱會影片與紀錄片《Leaving Neverland》對抗

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  • Michael Jackson遺產管理委員會於YouTube釋出演唱會影片與紀錄片《Leaving Neverland》對抗


    ◎Michael Jackson遺產管理委員會藉由在YouTube上釋出一部與紀錄片《Leaving Neverland》第一部分同樣長度的演唱會影片來對其進行最後一擊,該紀錄片聲稱已故的Michael Jackson對男孩進行性虐待,於週日晚上在HBO播出。

    ◎Michael Jackson遺產管理委員會的推特帳號在《Leaving Neverland》的第一部分公開後約20分鐘後發布了該部演唱會影片的鏈接,宣布1992年的《The Dangerous巡演布加勒斯特現場》將在「限定的時間內」可觀看,該影片長度為2小時20分鐘,與《Leaving Neverland》的第一部分相同。而第二部演唱會電影《溫布利體育場現場》也將在《Leaving Neverland》第二部分播出的同樣時間播出。

    ◎這是Michael Jackson遺產管理委員會自該紀錄片於日舞影展首映以來試圖詆毀該片的一系列行動的最新舉動,之前還向HBO提起1億美元的訴訟。該演唱會影片的重新播出本身就是對HBO的一次含蓄的奚落,因為其最初就是於1992年作為HBO的特別演唱會播出且是該遺產管理委員會訴訟的中心,該訴訟聲稱《Leaving Neverland》違反了布加勒斯特演唱會轉播權合同中的「禁止貶低條款」。

    ◎該訴訟稱「HBO藉由播放《The Dangerous巡演》演唱會影片並宣傳Michael Jackson的才華而獲利。現在,HBO又藉由播出一部錯誤地宣稱Michael Jackson在該巡演中虐待兒童的『紀錄片』獲利。很難想像還能比其更直接地違反禁止貶低條款。」然而HBO不予理會,表示會繼續按原訂計劃播放紀錄片。

    ◎這部紀錄片由Dan Reedus製作及執導,焦點放在兩名男子Wade Robson和Jimmy Safechuck身上,他們聲稱在與Michael Jackson相關的活動中與Michael Jackson建立了密切的關係後,遭受了多次性虐待。


    The Michael Jackson estate has taken one last swipe at the documentary "Leaving Neverland," which alleges that the late singer sexually abused boys, by releasing a concert film on YouTube the exact length of the first part of the documentary, which airs on HBO Sunday night.

    The Jackson estate's Twitter account posted a link to the film about 20 minutes into Part 1 of "Leaving Neverland," announcing that "Live in Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour)," from 1992, would be available for a "limited time." At two hours and 20 minutes long, it's the same length as the first part of "Leaving Neverland."

    It doesn't end there, however. On Monday, a second concert film, "Live at Wembley Stadium" will air the same time as the second part of "Leaving Neverland."

    The move is the latest in series of actions taken by the Jackson estate to attempt to discredit the documentary since its Sundance premiere, not least of which is a $100 million lawsuit the estate filed against HBO. The re-airing of the concert is itself a veiled dig at HBO from the estate: It originally aired as a concert special on HBO in 1992, and it is at the center of the estate's lawsuit, which claims "Leaving Neverland" violates a non-disparagement clause in the contract over the broadcast rights to the Bucharest concert.

    "HBO profited off the Dangerous World Tour by airing a concert from the tour and promoting Michael Jackson's talents," the suit says. "Now, HBO is profiting off the Dangerous World Tour by airing a 'documentary' that falsely claims Michael Jackson was abusing children on the same tour. It is hard to imagine a more direct violation of the non-disparagement clause."

    The premium cabler took little notice, however, stating that it would continue to air the documentary as planned.

    The documentary, directed and produced by Dan Reedus, focuses on two men, Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, who allege that they were subjected to repeated sexual abuse by Jackson after forming close relationships with the singer through Jackson-related events. It premieres on HBO at 8 p.m. PT Sunday.