MidOcean Partners收購數據和特許權使用費公司Music Reports

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  • MidOcean Partners收購數據和特許權使用費公司Music Reports


    ◎總部位於紐約的私募股權公司(MidOcean Partners)已購買了美國音樂數據和版權管理公司(Music Reports),並承諾其對公司的投資將“透過產品計劃和潛在收購來加速增長”。(MidOcean)從其聯合創始人和競爭對手股權機構(ABRY Partners)手中收購了該業務。
    ◎儘管現在有很多參與者在該市場競爭。而且,在美國由於建立了一個新的版權保護協會,市場在某種程度上發生了變化,該協會將接管向歌曲作者和音樂發行商收取版稅的部分責任。儘管如此,對於較新的音樂數據和特許權投資,及諸如(Music Reports)等,這些機會仍然存在。
    ◎MidOcean的(Barrett Gilmer)確認了此次收購,全球錄製音樂行業正經歷著引人注目的增長,其中包括應用程式開發,智慧手機普及率和發行。MidOcean確認了對專業數據和服務提供商的巨大需求,以幫助他們處理極其複雜的權利,許可和付款網絡。


    New York-based private equity outfit MidOcean Partners has bought American music data and royalties administration firm Music Reports, promising that its investment into the company will “accelerate growth, both through organic product initiatives, as well as potential acquisitions”. MidOcean acquired the business from its co-founders and rival equity outfit ABRY Partners.
    With the shift to streaming, the challenges have only increased when it comes to music rights data and royalty processing, especially on the songs side of the business. And the current diversification of the streaming market – with alternative business models now gaining momentum – will further add to those challenges. Which means there are plenty of opportunities for companies with data and royalty solutions.
    Though there are also plenty of players now competing in that market. And, in the US, the market-place is shifting somewhat thanks to the creation of a new mechanical rights collecting society, which will takeover some of the responsibility for getting streaming royalties to songwriters and music publishers. Nevertheless, those opportunities remain, for both newer music data and royalty ventures, and the longer established players like Music Reports.
    Confirming the acquisition, MidOcean MD Barrett Gilmer said: “The global recorded music industry is experiencing compelling growth driven by application development, smartphone penetration, and distribution. MidOcean identified an enormous need for specialised data and service providers to help navigate the incredibly complex web of rights, licenses, and payments”.
    “We believe Music Reports serves this need better than anyone in the world”, he went on. “We are excited to support Dhruv and the management team to grow our new music services platform in the US and internationally”.
    The there mentioned Dhruv is Dhruv Prasad, the MidOcean partner who will now become CEO of Music Reports. The firm’s co-founders Ronald Gertz and Douglas Brainin will stand down from their respective roles as Executive Chairman and CEO, but will continue to advise the business.
    The two co-founders said in a statement: “For 25 years, Music Reports, the company that we built together, has been helping clients navigate the complex landscape of music royalties, while building an industry-leading global rights administration platform. We are excited for this next step in the company’s growth trajectory and look forward to working with Dhruv to execute the company’s mission to deliver best in class solutions to the greater media and music industries”.