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  • Mixcloud推出粉絲直接對創作者的訂閱服務


    ◎在與唱片公司和音樂發行商簽訂許可協議後,Mixcloud推出了粉絲直接對創作者的訂閱服務Mixcloud Select,每月收費2.99美元,用戶在支持他們喜愛的創作者的同時還能獲得強化的聆聽體驗。


    ◎在發布會上公布已有47組創作者可以被訂閱,包括Afrojack、Nicole Moudaber、Lefto和John Digweed等DJ;獨立廣播電台Brooklyn Radio、Soho Radio和Red Light Radio;唱片公司如Defected和Axtone;策劃人Clash Magazine和Stamp the Wax。

    ◎Mixcloud Select使用有彈性的以頻道為基礎的訂閱模式,讓創作者可以自己訂價,從每月當地貨幣2.99元(美元、英鎊、歐元)起跳。創作者可以從他們的訂閱中獲得一部分利潤,而在他們的節目中有播放的藝人、唱片公司和出版商則會獲得版稅收入。


    Mixcloud has launched fan-to-creator direct subscriptions after securing licensing pacts with labels and publishers. With a $2.99 per month Mixcloud Select subscription. users get an enhanced listening experience while supporting their favorite creator.

    Mixcloud offers more than 15 million online radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts produced by 1.3 million curators.

    Once a user has subscribed to a specific channel, they can download shows to listen offline and view upfront tracklists. Additional new features, such as offering exclusive content and direct messaging with subscribers are in the pipeline

    At today's launch, 47 creators are eligible for subscriptions including DJs Afrojack, Nicole Moudaber, Lefto and John Digweed; independent radio stations Brooklyn Radio, Soho Radio and Red Light Radio, record labels like Defected and Axtone; and curators Clash Magazine and Stamp the Wax.

    "There's a lot of creative energy that goes into crafting a DJ mix, radio show or podcast in order to inspire listeners, and until now, these creators have been left out of the revenue mix. We've been working hard to design a model alongside the industry that recognizes the value these creators bring to the music ecosystem, and today we're excited to share this with the world," said Nikhil Shah, Co-Founder at Mixcloud.

    Mixcloud Select uses a flexible channel-based subscription model that allows creators to set their own price, starting at 2.99 per month in local currencies ($/£/€). Creators receive a share of profits from their subscriptions, while the artists, labels and publishers played in their shows receive royalty revenue.

    "Mixcloud Select is our pioneering move toward building a fair and sustainable ecosystem that works for audio creators, artists and listeners. We want to enable fans to get closer to the culture and communities they care about, while ensuring that everyone involved in the creative process is recognized and rewarded accordingly," said Nico Perez, Co-Founder at Mixcloud.