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  • Moby在冥想應用程式Calm獨家發行新專輯


    ◎知名DJ Moby透過與世界領先的睡眠和冥想應用程式Calm的獨家合作,發行了他的新專輯《Long Ambients 2》。

    ◎該張專輯已於3月15日世界睡眠日發行,會在Calm應用程式的新的音樂平台Calm Music上獨家販售30天。之後它將會在包括iTunes和Spotify在內的其他音樂平台上提供。Moby的《Long Ambients 2》是他2016年的《Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep.》專輯的延續作品,2016年的該專輯是與文件共享平台WeTransfer合作免費發布。



    Moby has released his new album Long Ambients 2 via an exclusive partnership with the world's leading sleep and meditation app, Calm.

    The album, which was released Friday (March 15) on World Sleep Day, will be available exclusively on Calm Music, the Calm app's new music platform for 30 days.

    After that, it will become available via other music platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

    Moby's Long Ambients 2 is a companion piece to 2016's Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep., which was released for free in partnership with file sharing platform WeTransfer.

    The Calm app is free to download, however, premium subscription options are also available. The San Francisco-based company has had over 45 million downloads to date and over 700,000 5-star user reviews.