(Monokrome Music)推出(rightsAUDIT)目錄審查服務

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  • (Monokrome Music)推出(rightsAUDIT)目錄審查服務


    ◎(Monokrome Music)成立於2017年,為藝人提供數位營銷和社群媒體支持。它在9月推出(rightHUB),做為儲存合約訊息及發布數據、版權數據的集中點。現在,它已啟動(rightAUDIT),這是一項針對權利人(藝人、唱片公司、經理、歌曲作者)的服務,以幫助他們審核目錄。這包括檢查權利恢復的狀態、掌握合約到期日,確保向世界各地的CMO和PRO註冊,並使用(rightHUB)進行註冊。
    ◎(Monokrome Music)執行長Lee Morrison說,管理目錄數據通常是權利持有人最後要做的事情,(rightsAUDIT)就是讓他們將最有價值的商品保持在最佳狀態,畢竟這些權利等於金錢。唱片公司必須保持完整和最新的目錄記錄,由於許多人因逾期採取行動而面臨訴訟的風險,因此保持同步更新紀錄非常重要。


    Founded in 2017, Monokrome Music offers artists digital marketing and social media support. It expanded its offering in September with the launch of rightsHUB as a centralised point to store contractual information as well as release metadata, publishing and neighbouring rights data. It has now launched rightsAUDIT, a service aimed at rightholders (artists, labels, managers, songwriters) to help them audit their catalogues. This includes checking the state of rights reversions, staying on top of contract expiry dates and ensuring that tracks are registered with CMOs and PROs around the world, drawing on rightsHUB to do so.
    “As each year passes and catalogues grow, the data required by DSPs and other services only increases,” says Lee Morrison, CEO of Monokrome Music. “Managing catalogue data is often the last thing rights-holders actually do. rightsAUDIT is all about them keeping their most valuable commodity in its best condition — after all, those rights equal money. It’s imperative that labels keep full and up to date records of their catalogues. Many are at risk of litigation by acting outside of term; and it’s important to keep up as data requirements constantly change across services.”
    The company has also announced the appointment of Sam Taylor, formerly of I Am Pop and TuneCore, as head of commercial partnerships.