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  • MP3翻錄網站Convert2MP3關閉




    ◎IFPI執行長Frances Moore在一份聲明中表示,類似Convert2MP3等翻錄網站,完全無視藝人和唱片公司的權利,剝奪創作和投資音樂的人的金錢,應停止侵犯版權行為,否則將面臨法律訴訟。


    Convert2MP3, one of the most used music steam ripping sites has been shut down. The Germany based stream site had more than 684 million visits over the past 12 months.

    Convert2MP3 has been hit by a legal action from the IFPI and Germany's BVMI.

    Frances Moore, Chief Executive, IFPI, said in a statement:

    "Stream ripping is a threat to the entire music ecosystem. Sites such as Convert2MP3 show complete disregard for the rights of artists and record companies and take money away from those creating and investing in music. The successful outcome if this case sends a clear signal to other stream ripping sites that they should stop their copyright infringing activities or face legal action."