Music Mafia仍然在線上販售數百首未經授權的曲目

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  • Music Mafia仍然在線上販售數百首未經授權的曲目


    ◎Music Mafia在其提供Kanye West兩首未發行的音樂進行販售的一年多之後,仍然在線上提供販售主流藝人包括Usher、Iggy Azalea、Beyonce、Coldplay、Drake、Hardwell、Justin Bieber、Katy Perry、David Guetta、Kanye West、Travis Scott以及其他幾十位藝人的未經授權的數百首未發行曲目、demo和未發行的音樂影片,都可以在Music Mafia上用一些比特幣來換取得到。
    ◎而美國唱片業協會RIAA終於注意到了。幾週前,該組織取得了DMCA(數位千禧年著作權法)傳票,向Music Mafia的頂級網域名稱的註冊機構Tonic Domains Corp表示,其系統或網絡的用戶侵犯了會員唱片公司的受版權保護的錄音,根據傳票,Tonic Domains Corp需要向RIAA披露足以識別侵權人的信息,包括個人的姓名、實際地址、IP位址和電子郵件地址。
    ◎但幾週之後,Music Mafia似乎從駭客和業內人士處獲得了未發行的音樂,因此仍在銷售音樂。


    More than a year after it offered two then unreleased tracks by Kanye West for sale, Music Mafia is still online offering hundreds of unreleased tracks, demos and unreleased music videos from major artists ranging from Usher to Iggy Azalea for sale and auction.
    Unauthorized music from Beyonce, Coldplay, Drake, Hardwell, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, David Guetta, Kanye West, Travis Scott and dozens of other artists are all available in exchange for a bit of bitcoin on Music Mafia.
    The RIAA has finally taken note. A few weeks ago, the trade group obtained a DMCA subpoena (pdf) ordering Tonic Domains Corp, the registry of Music Mafia’s .to domain, to identify the associated registry.
    “We have determined that a user of your system or network has infringed our member record companies’ copyrighted sound recordings,” RIAA wrote. "As is stated in the attached subpoena, you are required to disclose to the RIAA information sufficient to identify the infringer. This would include the individual’s name, physical address, IP address and e-mail address.”
    But several weeks later Music Mafia, who appear to obtain unreleased music from hackers and industry insiders, is still up and selling music.