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  • Musical.ly的投資者再度投入1700萬美元在網路廣播上

    ◎早期的投資者Goldwater Capital應該是在ByteDance(字節跳動)收購Musical.ly後在網路電台上獲得了大量的利潤,因此韓國的Spoon Radio將會從Goldwater和韓國投資者Softbank Ventures及KB Investment處獲得1700萬美元的資金。

    ◎Spoon自稱是第一個社群電台移動應用程式,於2013年在韓國推出,讓用戶能夠收聽Spoon DJ和談話電台以及用戶生成的內容並與之互動。該應用程式讓用戶可以完全控制自己的體驗,可以隨時廣播任何想要講的內容,進行每日的語音部落格,向聽眾介紹新音樂,分享有趣的故事或談論任何事情,想要透過Spoon表達的內容沒有任何限制。

    ◎Spoon Radio現在已有250萬次下載,每天有數千萬個音頻廣播上傳。其大多數用戶都在韓國,在印尼、菲律賓、越南和泰國也有不斷增長的用戶群。新的資金將使該公司在亞洲及其他地區擴展。


    Early investor Goldwater Capital is betting a substantial hunk of the profits it netted when ByteDance acquired on internet radio. Korean based Spoon Radio will recieve $17 million from Goldwater and Korean investors Softbank Ventures and KB Investment.

    Spoon bills itself as the first social radio mobile application. Launched in South Korea in 2013, Spoon enables users to listen to and interact with Spoon DJs and talk radio, as well as, user-generated content.

    "The first of it's kind, the app gives anyone the platform to comfortably share their stories, ideas, favorite music and more while also making it possible to communicate with listeners real-time. It's like live streaming minus all the hassle. Sounds great, doesn't it?

    The app gives you full control of your experience. You can broadcast anything you want, anytime you want. Conduct daily voice blogs, introduce new music to your listeners, share an interesting story or just talk about anything — there are no limits to what you can express through Spoon!"

    Spoon Radio boats 2.5 million downloads and "tens of millions" of audio broadcasts uploaded daily. Most users are in Korea alongside a growing userbase in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

    The new funding will allow the company to expand throughout Asia and beyond.