MUSO從Harwell Capital處募集到450萬美元將用於盜版追蹤

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  • MUSO從Harwell Capital處募集到450萬美元將用於盜版追蹤


    ◎數位防盜版專家MUSO已經在其2017年募得320萬美元的A輪募資的延長期中,再從Harwell Capital處籌集到了450萬美元。新獲得的資金將用於擴大該公司在數位媒體、遊戲和直播領域的工作。

    ◎MUSO的技術可移除未經授權的數位內容並提供有關盜版的數據,該公司在2018年共追踪了1900億筆的盜版網站訪問;其客戶包括Sony Interactive、IMG、Entertainment One、Vertical Entertainment和EUIPO歐盟智慧財產局。

    ◎該公司由曾獲葛萊美獎提名的音樂製作人Andy Chatterley共同創立,他曾為Kylie Minogue、Muse,Blondie等歌手創作歌曲並製作。


    Digital piracy specialist MUSO has raised $4.5 million in an extension of its $3.2 million 2017 Series A with Harwell Capital. The new investment will be used to expand the company's efforts in the digital media, gaming and live broadcast sectors.

    MUSO's technology removes unlicensed digital content and provides data about the pirates. The company tracked 190 billion visits to piracy sites in 2018. Clients include Sony Interactive, IMG, Entertainment One, Vertical Entertainment and EUIPO.

    The company was co-founded by Grammy-nominated music producer Andy Chatterley, who has written and produced songs for Kylie Minogue, Muse, Blondie and others.

    "Since Harwell Capital's first investment round nearly two years ago, Andy and the team have delivered significant value to existing and new clients including global leading corporate businesses and trade bodies, transformed the Board to include high-profile growth stage veterans, and expanded the product range and application to significantly ratchet their addressable market," said Daniel O'Brien, Managing Director at MUSO investor Harwell Capital. We remain supportive backers."

    "Harwell has been a hugely supportive investment partner, who provide far more than cash alone to the company," added Andy Chatterley, CEO and co-founder of MUSO. "They understand our vision and objectives and bring significant advice and acumen to ensure we can execute on our continued growth plans in a most exciting market."