Napster與新創公司Super Hi-Fi展開新的合作夥伴關係

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  • Napster與新創公司Super Hi-Fi展開新的合作夥伴關係


    ◎美國新創公司(Super Hi-Fi)開發了利用人工智慧,使串流媒體服務聽起來更像廣播的技術,其中包括品牌形象、藝人姓名和歌曲名稱公告、採訪剪輯和廣告-均針對每個聽眾進行個性化設計。現在,該公司與串流媒體音樂公司(Napster)建立了新的合作夥伴關係。

    ◎它將與該公司合作,通過(Powered by Napster)計劃,向(Napster)的B2B客戶提供其技術。我們正在將(Napster)的後端音樂和音頻平台與(Super Hi-Fi)的無縫前端相融合,進一步的細節尚未公佈,例如哪些Napster的客戶可能首先獲得這項新功能。


    We profiled startup Super Hi-Fi earlier this year. The US firm has developed technology that uses AI to make streaming services sound much more radio-like, with branded stings, artist name and track title announcements, interview clips and ads – all personalised to each individual listener. Now the company has a new partnership with a streaming-music firm: Napster.

    It’ll be working with the company to make its technology available to Napster’s B2B clients through its ‘Powered by Napster’ initiative. “We’re melding Napster’s back-end music and audio platform with Super Hi-Fi’s seamless front-end integration,” is how Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon put it in a statement. Further details, for example on which of Napster’s clients might be getting the features first, have yet to be announced.