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  • Napster誕生20週年


    ◎20年前的這個星期,Napster誕生在其發明者Sean Fanning的東北大學的宿舍中。無論你是站在辯論的哪一方,都不能否認Napster永遠改變了音樂產業這個事實。在眾多其他事件中,Napster迫使唱片公司在iTunes中不再捆綁銷售整張專輯,而iTunes也恰好在近日被Apple宣布將結束。

    ◎Sean Fanning接受舊金山紀事報訪問時表示,「由於看到一種未滿足的需求和人們對能夠找到所有這些音樂的熱情,特別是許多晦澀難懂的東西不是你能夠去到一個唱片行就能購買得到的,那感覺就像是一個值得解決的問題,所以這些事情都來到我身邊而有了結果。光是想到它的增長速度之快就是一件非常了不起的事,它創造了一種當時並不存在的連通性和可獲取的水準。」


    20 years ago this week, Napster was born in Sean Fanning's Northeastern University dorm room. Whatever side of the debate you're on, one can't deny that Napster changed the music industry forever. Among so many other things, Napster forced record labels to un-bundle the album in iTunes, which fittingly is set to be put out to pasture today by Apple.

    "It was something that came to me as a result of seeing an sort of an unmet need and the passion people had for being able to find all this music, particularly a lot of the obscure stuff which wouldn't be something you go to a record store and purchase. So if felt like a problem worth solving."

    "It is really remarkable to think about how quickly it grew. It created a level of connectedness and access that really didn't exist at the time."