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  • Napster轉變成盈利狀態,與Univision達成合作



    ◎Napster也宣布已與Univision電視網達成合作,為這個美國的西班牙語媒體巨頭的音樂、廣播和播客應用程式Uforia提供服務。Napster串流媒體的b2b產品「Powered by Napster」同時也為廣播集團iHeart的優質音樂服務提供支持。

    ◎Napster和Rhapsody International的商務長Angel Gambino表示「我們與Uforia的合作將加深和擴展Powered by Napster進入快速增長的西班牙語市場和美國的頂級串流藝人。」


    The latest financial filings from Napster proves that music streaming - at least, the all paid variety - can be profitable. From 2017 to 2018, Napster moved from a net loss of $13.1 million to a net profit of $10.3 million.

    But parent company RealNetworks still warned that "for Napster to meet its future liquidity needs... (it) will need additional financing to fund its operations and growth". Read the full SEC filing here.

    Napster also announced that it had partnered with Univision for the U.S. Hispanic media powerhouse's music, radio and podcast app Uforia. "Powered by Napster," the streamer's b2b offering, also powers iHeart's premium music service.

    "Our joint collaboration with Uforia will deepen and expand Powered by Napster into the rapidly growing Hispanic market and the top streamed artists in the US," said Angel Gambino, chief commercial officer of Napster and Rhapsody International.