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  • Naxos音樂集團併購獨立廠牌ARC Music


    ◎在作為獨立的世界音樂廠牌42年後,ARC Music Productions International現在成為Naxos音樂集團的一部分,此前該公司被Naxos Rights Europe所收購。

    ◎根據新協議條款,之前已為ARC廠牌在全球做數位分銷以及在幾個主要市場做實體分銷有一段時間的Naxos音樂集團,將提供ARC資金,使其能夠簽下更多的藝人,增加其發行量,並加強其在全球的業務。Julia Beyer將繼續擔任該公司的總監及A&R部門負責人,Chris Tomsett擔任營運部門總監,監督公司的日常營運。

    ◎ARC Music成立於1976年,其目標一直是保護世界文化的民族音樂,並以正面的訊息傳播傳統和原創音樂。Naxos成立於1987年,是世界領先的古典音樂集團之一,目前營運著全球唯一的世界音樂訂閱串流平台Naxos Music Library/World,可透過專門的搜尋引擎可聽到超過12,000張專輯。


    After 42 years as an independent World Music label, ARC Music Productions International is now part of Naxos Music Group, following its acquisition by Naxos Rights Europe.

    Under the terms of the new agreement, Naxos Music Group, which has been distributing the ARC label digitally worldwide and physically in several key markets for some time already, will provide funding to ARC enabling the label to sign more artists, increase its number of releases, and strengthen its worldwide presence.

    Julia Beyer will continue leading the label as Head of A&R and ED of the company with Chris Tomsett as D/ED Operations overseeing the day to day operations of the company.

    Established in 1976, ARC Music's main goal has always been to preserve the ethnic music of world cultures and to spread traditional and original music with a positive message. Naxos, which was established in 1987, is one of the world's leading classical music groups, and currently operates the only dedicated world music subscription streaming platform, Naxos Music Library/World, which offers access to more than 12,000 albums through a dedicated search engine.