Neil Young推出他的檔案庫的應用程式和訂閱服務

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  • Neil Young推出他的檔案庫的應用程式和訂閱服務


    ◎Neil Young在這個假期季節送給搜集狂和死忠粉絲一份禮物,為他龐大的、製作多年的Neil Young檔案庫(NYA)推出了一項新的訂閱服務和應用程式。NYA網站與華納唱片公司合作創建,一年前推出測試版,包括精心組織的音頻和視頻內容,涵蓋了Neil Young的整個音樂生涯。

    ◎NYA訂閱服務每月收費1.99美元或全年收費19.99美元,包括無限制訪問他持續在增加的檔案,包括所有錄音作品的高音質串流,以及根據時間軸排列的與他的音樂、電影、影片、書籍、照片、手稿和新聞重點相關的材料。付費訂閱可透過他的網站和iOS系統應用程式(Android系統即將推出)獲得,還包括其他福利,如可優先購買演唱會門票、觀看其他現場演出的直播、提前聽到新的和未發布的音樂,以及訪問Neil Young的個人新聞媒體NYA Times Contrarian的完整權限。

    ◎NYA是使用Neil Young和YraStream技術開發的Xstream來串流音樂,它能夠以原始母帶錄音的音質進行串流播放,比其他串流服務的音質更高。免費版本的訂閱允許用戶觀看時間軸,並可使用Xstream串流聆聽當日的專輯和歌曲;免費和付費訂閱戶都可以訪問Neil Young的高音質音樂下載商店。對於許多粉絲而言,該網站的核心將是時間軸,該時間軸目前始於1959年,並且在歷史背景下紀錄了Neil Young的職業生涯的每一個重要時刻。


    Neil Young has given completists and hardcore fans a gift this holiday season with the launch of a new subscription service and app for his vast, years-in-the-making Neil Young Archives (NYA). Created in partnership with Warner Bros. Records, the NYA website launched in beta a year ago and includes meticulously organized audio and visual content spanning Young's entire musical life.

    The NYA subscription service will cost $1.99 per month or $19.99 for a full year and includes unlimited access to Young's always-growing ("This is a life's work," he says. "It will never be finished") archives, including hi-resolution streams of all available recordings, plus a timeline filled materials related to his music, movies, videos, books, photographs, manuscripts and press notes.

    The paid subscription, accessible via his website and an iOS app (Android soon), includes other perks like first dibs on concert tickets, livestreams of other live shows, early access to new and unreleased music, and full access to Young's personal news outlet, the NYA Times Contrarian.

    The NYA streams its music using Xstream by NYA, developed by Young with OraStream technology. It's capable of streaming at the original quality of master recordings, higher than other streaming services.

    "If you want to hear my music and would like to have the option to listen to it with all the depth and glory of high resolution, it will be there," Young says. "All my new records can be heard there first, before they get released anywhere else. New, unreleased albums from the archives and old, unreleased albums from the archives will always be heard there first. Our machine is a monster."

    A free version of the subscription lets users peruse the timeline and includes access to a featured album and song of the day, both using Xstream by NYA.

    Both tiers offer access to Young's hi-res music download store (dust off that Pono).

    For many fans, a centerpiece of the site will be The Timeline, which currently starts at 1959 and gamely catalogs every notable moment of Young's career, side-by-side with historical context. "There are files and files for years and years, all full of music," says Young. "Albums and tracks, bits and pieces, manuscripts and art, film and video. I live there."

    Young adds, "Each song is being backed up with the archival material that relates to it and to the creation of it, from song writing to band jams, the history of this music is there. It's never finished – it is huge and growing. We work night and day expanding the window you can see this archival stuff through."