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  • Netflix頻道推出首個無腳本音樂實境節目


    ◎Netflix頻道將以他們的第一個無腳本音樂節目《Westside》進入實境電視節目的世界。該節目將於11月9日首播,節目內容是關注9位有抱負的藝人的故事,包括前《美國偶像》的決賽選手Pia Toscano,他們都試圖登上舞台做現場表演。

    ◎與目前大部份實境音樂節目的選秀比賽形式不同,《Westside》與早期成功的實境節目如MTV的《Real World》系列有更多的共同點,跟隨這群正努力進行合作一場演出的音樂人一起去試鏡。節目中的這些歌手將會獲得一些由業內最熱門的金曲創作人寫出的原創歌曲的支持,包括Ryan Tedder、Shane McAnally、Jason Boyd、Diane Warren和Busbee等等。

    ◎華納唱片公司已經簽約會發行該節目的原聲帶,且已經發行了第一季中的兩首歌曲〈We Are The Ones〉和〈Vibe〉。


    Netflix will venture into the world of reality television with the debut of their first unscripted music show, "Westside." Set to debut on Nov. 9th, "Westside" will follow the stories of nine aspiring artists, including former "American Idol" finalist Pia Toscano, as they try to stage a live performance.

    Instead of the talent show competition format of most modern day reality music shows, "Westside" has more in common with the early success stories of reality television such as MTV's "Real World" franchise, following the group of cast-together musicians as they work to put on a collaborative showcase.

    The artists on the show will be supported with original music written by some of the hottest hitmakers in the business, including Ryan Tedder, Shane McAnally, Jason Boyd, Diane Warren and Busbee among others.

    Warner Bros. Records has signed on to release the soundtrack for the show and has already released two songs from the first series, "We Are The Ones" and "Vibe".

    "'Westside' struck me immediately as a quantum leap forward in the synergy of contemporary music with the raw vibe of today's unscripted series innovations. Musical diversity as a powerful social force is the cornerstone of Westside, and nowhere is that relationship better understood than at Warner Bros. Records," WBR COO and Co-Chairman Tom Corson told Variety.

    The show is set to premiere on Netflix on Nov. 9th.