Next Big Sound添加Pandora串流數據至其受眾地圖,可更清楚知道粉絲在哪裡

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  • Next Big Sound添加Pandora串流數據至其受眾地圖,可更清楚知道粉絲在哪裡

    ◎Pandora旗下擁有的分析平台Next Big Sound,透過添加藝人的Pandora串流數據這個重要的指標來改進其Audience Map(受眾地圖)。該圖表於去年11月推出,之前只有特別列出藝人過去28天內獲得的Pandora藝人電台添加的區塊。

    ◎過去28天的電台添加顯示出一位藝人更忠實的粉絲數量的增長。像附圖第一個是來自亞特蘭大的新進饒舌歌手Yung Booke的藝人電台添加地圖。第二個則是新的Yung Booke的全部串流地圖。Pandora表示「雖然Yung Booke的粉絲基礎絕大部分位於他的家鄉亞特蘭大,但Pandora仍在向全美國各地的聽眾推動Yung Booke的音樂。事實上,亞特蘭大甚至不是Yung Booke的作品串流最多的地方,他實際上是在奧克蘭、孟菲斯、邁阿密和達拉斯這樣的地方獲得了更多的串流。」



    Pandora owned analytics platform Next Big Sound has improved its Audience Map with adding an important metric - where an artist's Pandora streams are coming from.

    Launched last last November, the chart had previously only highlighted the areas where an artist received Pandora Artist Station Adds over the last 28 days.

    Station Adds for the last 28 days show growth in an artist's more dedicated fans. Here's the map of the Artist Station Adds of Yung Booke, an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta.

    But here is the new all streams map for Yung Booke,

    From Pandora: "Although Yung Booke's fan base is overwhelmingly local to his hometown of Atlanta, Pandora is still surfacing Yung Booke's music to listeners all across the country. In fact, Atlanta isn't even the top location for Yung Booke's streams — he is actually seeing more streams in places like Oakland, Memphis, Miami, and Dallas."

    How Can Artists and Marketers Use The New Chart?

    "We've seen artists and their teams make use of their geographic data in a variety of different ways, ranging from routing their tours to assessing the effectiveness of radio or press campaigns. With more geographic data and a deeper understanding of why both of these metrics are significant, you'll have more context to analyze your data and drive creative campaigns (both on and off platform) going forward. If you haven't already acquainted yourself with Pandora's Artist Audio Messaging feature, setting up geo-targeted AAMs for tour dates could be a great start."