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  • NPR推出精選音樂播放列表



    ◎NPR表示,播放清單會每天更新,將在NPR音樂播放清單中心和NPR音樂首頁以及Spotify和Apple Music上可以聽到。


    National Public Radio's NPR Music has launch a new series of curated playlists featuring music from the broadcaster's radio programs such as Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

    The playlists, which will also feature 'curated' selections from NPR personalities, will include music from across a variety of genres, such as Latin, hip-hop, R&B, and punk.

    NPR's music critics Powers and Robin Hilton will also have featured playlists.

    The playlists, which will be updated daily, will be available at the NPR Music Playlist hub and on the front page of NPR Music, as well as on Spotify and Apple Music, NPR said.