Oasis〈Live Forever〉被選為有史以來最佳英國歌曲,但百大之中完全沒有女歌手

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  • Oasis〈Live Forever〉被選為有史以來最佳英國歌曲,但百大之中完全沒有女歌手


    ◎Radio X的「2018英國最佳調查」宣布Oasis的〈Live Forever〉是有史以來最好的英國歌曲。這首1994年的歌曲由Liam Gallagher在全英音樂獎頒獎典禮上表演向曼徹斯特恐怖攻擊的受害者致敬,超越了Queen合唱團的〈Bohemian Rhapsody〉成為票選的冠軍;曼徹斯特出身的Oasis在100名中一共有16首歌曲上榜,包括〈Don’t Look Back In Anger〉、〈Wonderwall〉、〈Slide Away〉和〈Champagne Supernova〉都進入該名單的前10名,這是通過聽眾的公開投票決定的。Arctic Monkeys在前100名中有9首歌曲上榜,包括〈I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor〉擠進了前10名,而The Stone Roses也有8首歌上榜,其中〈I Am The Resurrection〉達到第4名。
    ◎雖然所有這些樂團無疑的都很優秀,但是這份百大名單中卻明顯缺乏女性歌手入列,實際上是完全沒有單人女歌手上榜,頂多只有以〈Blue Monday〉爬到第34名的New Order之中有Gillian Gilbert,沒有Adele,沒有Annie Lennox,沒有Kate Bush,沒有Amy Winehouse,沒有Dusty Springfield,沒有Garbage樂團,更不用說是Sugababes和Spice Girls。記者Roisin O’Connor注意到女性歌手的缺席,她發推文說「Radio X的《Best of British》播放清單中完全沒有女性進入前100名,但Oasis卻有十幾首歌上榜。」
    A new poll has decided the top 100 British songs of all time – but judging on the final vote, Britain is actually a fully male nation with the Gallagher brothers as presidents.
    Radio X’s Best Of British 2018 poll has announced Oasis’s Live Forever as the best British song of all time.
    The 1994 song – which was performed by Liam Gallagher at the Brit Awards in honour of the victims of the Manchester terror attack – ousted Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody from the top spot, with 16 Oasis songs in total making the top 100.
    The Manchester band also saw Don’t Look Back In Anger, Wonderwall, Slide Away and Champagne Supernova entering the top ten of the list, which was decided via a public vote from listeners.
    The Arctic Monkeys notched up nine songs in the top 100, with I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor sneaking into the top ten; while The Stone Roses nabbing eight places, with I Am The Resurrection reaching number four.
    However, while all of these bands undoubtedly have a fair few Tunes with a capital T under their belt, there’s a distinct lack of women in the top 100.
    Seriously – there’s not a single female act amongst the sausage fest, with only Gillian Gilbert of New Order (who reached no 34 with Blue Monday) holding down the fort.
    Journalist Roisin O’Connor noticed the absence of women, tweeting: ‘Radio X’s “Best of British” playlist has no women in the top 100 but features 15 songs by Oasis.’
    So now Adele, no Annie Lennox, no Kate Bush, no Amy Winehouse, no Dusty Springfield, no Garbage… and that’s before we even get started on the Sugababes and Spice Girls.