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  • Pandora增加與Ticketmaster售票資訊的整合



    ◎Pandora計劃從Ticketmaster的應用程式介面實時提取巡迴演出數據,據Pandora表示,藝人現在將能夠「比以往更容易地與他們的粉絲就現場活動進行溝通。」該公司補充道,「粉絲現在將會收到即將到來的演出的通知和門票銷售提醒,這是根據他們的所在位置和音樂聆聽歷史來判斷的,現在在使用Promote Show工具時也會看到Ticketmaster的節目表」。

    ◎該項整合類似於Pandora在2018年宣布的與Eventbrite的合作夥伴關係,然而,與Ticketmaster的合作開啟了Pandora串流平台可以展示來自世界上最大的演唱會製作商Live Nation的演出,許多Pandora平台上的頂級串流藝人的演唱會都是由c製作的。


    Pandora has partnered Ticketmaster to bring more concert dates to the platform. "In our ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive and seamless artist marketing experience, Pandora has partnered with Ticketmaster to transform live event promotion," SiriusXM owned streamer said in a statement.

    According to Pandora, which plans to pull touring data in real-time from Ticketmaster's API, artists will now be able to "communicate with their fans about live events easier than ever before." The company added, "fans will now be notified of upcoming show announces and on-sale ticket alerts based on their location and listener history," and "will also now see Ticketmaster shows while using the Promote Show tool."

    The integration is similar to a partnership Pandora announced with Eventbrite back in 2018, however, a partnership with Ticketmaster opens up the streaming platform to shows from the world's biggest concert promoter, Live Nation, which produces concerts for many of Pandora's top streamed artists.