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  • Pandora推出家庭訂閱方案


    ◎為了持續吸引全球音樂愛好者,Pandora最近推出了一項對家庭友善的新方案。 根據CNET的報導,這家音樂串流媒體巨頭將提供每月14.99美元的進階家庭方案。該新聞網站指出,該方案將包括無插播廣告的聆聽、離線播放和客製化的播放清單。與TIDAL的高音質hi-fi選項類似,Pandora也將實現更清晰的音頻串流。 該方案將提供給最多達6個家庭成員用戶的帳戶使用,Apple Music和Spotify也已有這樣的方案在實施。

    ◎根據Pandora的網站,家庭方案用戶還可以無限制的使用其特別的功能「Our Soundtrack」,這是一個「為您的家庭創建的定期更新的播放清單,它結合了每個成員獨特的音樂品味。」



    In order to remain appealing to music lovers across the globe, Pandora recently unleashed a new plan that's family friendly. According to CNET, the music streaming giant is offering a Premium Family Plan for $14.99 a month.

    The news site notes the feature will include ad-less listening sessions, offline playback, and customizable playlists. Similar to TIDAL's hi-fi option, Pandora will also implement a crisper audio stream. The plan will be offered to up to six users/accounts, The Verge adds, noting that this attribute was also implemented by Apple Music and Spotify.

    According to Pandora's website, family plan users will also unlock access to its special "Our Soundtrack," which is described as a "regularly-updated playlist created just for your family that combines each person's unique musical tastes."

    The Verge notes Pandora is home to around six million paid subscribers. That statistic was tallied in January 2018.