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  • Pandora擴展獨立藝人音樂提交工具


    ◎自從推出測試版以來,已收到超過44,000名獨立藝術家的超過64,000種版本提交,包括:Lindsey Stirling、Trampled By Turtles和Break of Reality等突破性成功。
    ◎獨立藝人提交工具是其AMP藝術家營銷平台的一部分,其中包括一系列令人印象深刻的自助式創作工具,包括Artist Audio Messages(直接與粉絲通過個人聲音對話)、Featured Tracks(有助於新音樂播放的助推器)和Pandora Stories(結合音樂播放列表和播客的最佳世界)。


    Pandora is expanding its Independent Artist Submissions tool to make it easier to submit music for consideration. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music and even Pandora's own Premium streaming service, not all artists are chosen by its internal Music Genome Project for inclusion on the basic free Pandora ad-supported service.
    The redesigned and enhanced tool enables more submissions and reducing wait times.
    Since launching in beta, the Artist Submissions has accepted over 64,000 releases from more than 44,000 indie artists, including breakthrough successes like Lindsey Stirling, Trampled By Turtles, and Break of Reality.
    The Independent Artists Submissions tool is part of its AMP artist marketing platform which includes an impressively broad suite of self-serve creator tools including Artist Audio Messages (speak directly to your fans with personal soundbites), Featured Tracks (a boost that helps new music reach more stations and listeners), and Pandora Stories (combining the best worlds of music playlists and podcasts).
    Starting today, artists can access the new Independent Artists Submissions tool here, or by clicking on "Submissions" from the dropdown menu on any AMP profile. For more information indie artists are invited to check out the resources on the AMP Playbook, or reach out directly with questions at