Pandora旗下Next Big Sound把所有藝人的數據開放給大眾

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  • Pandora旗下Next Big Sound把所有藝人的數據開放給大眾


    ◎Pandora旗下的數據機構Next Big Sound即日起把所有藝人的數據都開放並供任何人都可以看到。之前Pandora的數據僅對藝人、唱片廠牌及其團隊開放。Next Big Sound的資深產品經理Dan Wissinger寫道「在一個串流量是衡量藝人成功與否的重要標準的行業中,這些數據無法公開獲得意味著Pandora在許多藝人職業生涯軌跡中扮演的重要角色已被忽視。」

    ◎從今天開始,在藝人資料頁面的作品發佈、觸及率和參與度部分將顯示Pandora的指標,像是電台播放次數、互動性次數、按讚次數和電台增加數等,這樣的數據彙整是對Pandora上的每位藝人及其每首單曲所做的。這些相同的指標也會透過電子郵件通知每週報告電子郵件發給Next Big Sound的用戶。

    ◎Dan Wissinger特別以亞特蘭大饒舌歌手Lil Donald的數據來說明多個數據點和Pandora的重要性,Lil Donald自2014年出道,目前正處於突破性表現的一年。「他在Spotify上有大約25萬月活躍聽眾,最新單曲〈Suicide〉在Spotify有超過10萬次播放,加上在YouTube有100萬次觀看及另外8萬次的Soundcloud串流。而現在可以去他的Next Big Sound個人頁面中找到他在Pandora上的表現如何,在最頂端可以看到Lil Donald在過去的28天裡在Pandora上獲得了200萬不重複聽眾。」


    Pandora's Next Big Sound has made all artist data open and available to anyone. Until now, Pandora data was only visible to the artist, label and their team. "In an industry where stream counts are an important measure of an artist's success," writes Next Big Sound senior product manager Dan Wissinger, "the inaccessibility of this data publicly has meant that Pandora's important role in many artists' career trajectories has gone unnoticed."

    Starting today, Releases, Reach, and Engagement sections of the profile will show Pandora metrics like Radio Spins, Interactive Plays, Thumbs Up, and Station Adds for every artist on Pandora and each of their tracks. Those same metrics are also available to Next Big Sound users in email notifications and Weekly Report emails for artists that they follow.

    Illustrating the importance of multiple data points and Pandora in particular, Wissinger runs through data for Lil Donald. The Atlanta rapper who's been around since 2014 is now having a breakout year. Wissinger shows how Pandora data can differ from Spotify data.

    "You might have looked him up on Spotify and seen he's got about 250,000 Monthly Listeners. His latest single "Suicide" has a little over 100,000 plays there, plus a million views on Youtube and another 80,000 Soundcloud streams," writes Wissinger. " But how's he doing on Pandora? Now you can go to his Next Big Sound profile to find out. At the very top of the profile we can see that Lil Donald's got 2 million Unique Listeners on Pandora for the last 28 days."

    Opening up Pandora data should help bring the streaming service, which is still the most listened to in the US, more into the industry conversation when measuring an artist's trajectory.