Pandora for Podcasters讓創作者可以提交他們的節目

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  • Pandora for Podcasters讓創作者可以提交他們的節目


    ◎Pandora已經為Podcast創建者推出新的自助服務,以便將他們的節目提交到其平台。音頻公司於2018年12月正式推出Podcast中心,並向所有聽眾推出Podcast Genome Project計劃,發布包括熱門節目和原創節目。新的Pandora for Podcasters平台允許任何人提交他們的節目加入該陣容。
    ◎此外,Pandora還發布了一套提交指南。有興趣的人可以使用Pandora for Podcasters中心發送他們的RSS提要。如果獲得批准,Pandora將要求提供有關該節目的一些信息以便分類,並包含在Podcast Genome Project的建議中。
    ◎Pandora不是第一家向Podcast開放大門的公司。Spotify for Podcasters在測試階段花費了幾個月的時間,如今可供所有節目製作者類似提交工具和分析。


    Pandora has launched a new self-service dashboard for podcast creators to submit their shows to its platform. The audio company officially introduced a podcast hub in December 2018 with the rollout of its Podcast Genome Project to all listeners. The launch included popular programming along with original shows. The new Pandora for Podcasters platform lets anyone submit their shows to join that lineup.
    In addition to launching this dashboard, Pandora has published a set of guidelines for submissions. Interested parties can use the Pandora for Podcasters hub to send in their RSS feed for consideration. If approved, Pandora will request some information about the show so it can be classified and included in recommendations made by the Podcast Genome Project.
    It isn’t the first audio company to throw open the gates to podcasters. Spotify for Podcasters spent several months in beta and is now available to all as a similar submission tool and analytics dashboard for show creators.