Pandora Premium會員現在可以透過Snapchat分享音樂

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  • Pandora Premium會員現在可以透過Snapchat分享音樂


    ◎如果Snapchat上接收訊息的朋友沒有Pandora Premium的帳戶的話,這個獨特的功能也可以提供他們在觀看30秒的廣告之後,就可以聆聽30分鐘不間斷的音樂。此新功能適用於iOS和Android裝置上的所有Pandora Premium用戶,以及有Plus和廣告插播帳戶的用戶。


    Pandora has announced that their premium members will now be able to share music on Snapchat starting today (Aug. 21).
    Pandora listeners are able to insert their music selections by opening up the Pandora app and selecting “Share” on the “Now Playing” screen. Once the user selects “Snapchat” as the share location, the post will be redirected to the Snapchat app itself, where a corresponding card for the specific album, song, or playlist can be added into a story or shared directly with a friend.
    If the recipient of the snap does not have Pandora Premium, this unique features also provides them with access to 30 minutes of uninterrupted music after watching a 30-second advertisement.
    The new feature is available for all Pandora Premium users on iOS and Android devices, as well as users with Plus and ad-supported accounts. Check out the feature in action below.