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  • PearPop幫助粉絲為與觀看TikTok明星付費


    ◎費用是公開的:與(Coby Persin)(在TikTok上擁有710萬關注者)的二重奏,或聲音發布會讓您退回500美元,而與(Anna Shumate)(擁有650萬個粉絲)則只需花費100美元。
    ◎TikTokers可以自行設置價格並批准任何內容,然後再發布。創始人(Cole Mason)告訴TechCrunch:“如果您是粉絲,想要訪問自己喜歡的TikTok明星,那麼他們可以通過PearPop訪問它們,而不必嘗試與經紀人聯繫並支付法律費用。”隨著商業模式的發展,有眾多的TikTokers熱衷於尋找更知名的明星來給他們提供幫助,而這可能會賺錢。


    There’s a price on everything in the influencer world, and with a startup called PearPop, that includes collaborating with your favourite TikTok stars.
    The company has announced a marketplace for TikTokers to charge fans for collab posts, and according to TechCrunch it already has more than 25,000 fans signed up.
    The fees are public: a duet, stitch or sound post with Coby Persin (who has 7.1 million followers on TikTok) will set you back $500, but with Anna Shumate (who has 6.5 million) it’ll only cost $100, as the two (currently) most popular creators on the site.
    The TikTokers get to set their own prices and approve any content before it’s posted. “If you’re a fan trying to access your favorite TikTok star, then they can access them through PearPop instead of trying to contact a manager and pay for legal fees,” founder Cole Mason told TechCrunch.
    As business models go, it’s very 2020 – but with so many on-the-up TikTokers keen to find bigger stars to give them a leg up, will probably make pots of money.