Penske媒體集團併購了Rolling Stone雜誌的全數股份

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  • Penske媒體集團併購了Rolling Stone雜誌的全數股份


    ◎同時擁有Variety雜誌和Deadline新聞網站的Penske媒體集團(PMC),悄悄取得了老牌的音樂刊物Rolling Stone的全部所有權。Penske媒體於2017年12月從長期以來出版Rolling Stone的Jann Wenner手中收購了控股權,現在又從少數股東BandLab Technologies手上購買了流通股。

    ◎據Vanity Fair報導,自從PMC在2017年獲得Rolling Stone的大部分股份後,他們已經對該雜誌進行了整頓,將其出版時間從每週更改為每月,並重新設計其紙本版和數位版。該公司還將重點轉移到把品牌發展為現場活動製作商。本月早些時候,該品牌宣布了一項重大的國際擴張計劃,擴大了覆蓋範圍,並在英國和亞太地區舉辦現場活動。PMC還讓Jann Wenner擔任名譽退休編輯,並讓他的兒子Gus Wenner擔任Rolling Stone的營運長和總裁。

    ◎Penske是Penske Corporation汽車企業集團創始人Roger Penske的兒子。除了Rolling Stone之外,Penske的媒體資產還包括Deadline、Variety、Indiewire、The Hollywood Life和Robb Report等。


    Penske Media Corporation, which also own Variety and Deadline, has quietly acquired full ownership n the venerable music publication Rolling Stone. Penske Media, which acquired a controlling stake in Rolling Stone in December 2017 from longtime publisher Jann Wenner, now has bought the outstanding shares from minority partner BandLab Technologies.

    Since they acquired the lion's share of Rolling Stone in 2017, PMC has revamped the magazine, changing its publishing schedule from weekly to monthly and redesigning both its print and digital editions, according to Vanity Fair. The company also shifted focus to developing the brand into a live event producer.

    Earlier this month, the brand announced plans for a major international expansion, with expanded coverage and live events in the United Kingdom and the Asia-Pacific region.

    PMC also retained Jann Wenner as an editor emeritus and kept his son Gus Wenner in place as chief operating officer and president of Rolling Stone.

    Penske is the son of Roger Penske, the founder of the Penske Corporation automotive conglomerate. In addition to Rolling Stone, Penske's media holdings include Deadline,Variety, Indiewire, The Hollywood Life and the Robb Report, among others.