Pirate Studios為其自助式音樂錄音室籌集到2000萬美元的資金

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  • Pirate Studios為其自助式音樂錄音室籌集到2000萬美元的資金


    ◎Pirate Studios已經為其不斷發展的自助式高科技音樂錄音室網絡籌集了2000萬美元的新資金。Pirate在倫敦、紐約和柏林的21個地點經營350家錄音室,並計劃在國際上發展。這筆資金將用於在美國和歐洲建立更多的音樂錄音室。該輪融資由Talis Capital領投,Talis的Matus Maar被任命為Pirate Studios的聯合創始人。

    ◎Pirate Studios提供排練、錄音、前期製作和DJ錄音室,每項業務都可以在線上預訂之後提供24小時內有效的鑰匙密碼。許多錄音室還包括自動錄音和串流直播的功能,樂團和DJ在這些錄音室中排練,可以使用內建的錄音室麥克風和輸入音源進行錄音、混音和母帶製作。這些自動化錄音室還可以在像是YouTube和SoundCloud等平台上進行演奏現場的影像和聲音的直播。除了提供高科技錄音和排練空間之外,也不難想像之後或許會有一些很棒的非計畫性的合作現場直播在下午發生,並在隔天早上就發佈到Spotify上。


    Pirate Studios has raised $20 million in new finding for its growing network of self-serve high tech music studios. Pirate operates 350 studios in 21 locations in London, New York and Berlin, with plans to grow internationally.

    The funding will be used to build more music studios in the US and Europe. The round was led by Talis Capital with Talis' Matus Maar named as a co-founder of the startup.

    Pirate Studios offers rehearsal, recording, pre-production and DJ studios. Each includes online booking and 24 hour keycode access.

    Many studios also include automated recording and live streaming. Bands and DJs rehearsing in one of them can record, mix and master using built in room mics and inputs. These automated studios can also stream video and audio of the sessions live on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

    In addition to offering high tech recording and rehearsal space, it's not hard to imagine some amazing spontaneous collaborations live streamed in the evening and released to Spotify in the morning. Cue, The Pirate Sessions....

    "When we founded Pirate Studios our dream was to create innovative spaces to support emerging talent," said David Borrie, co-founder and CEO of Pirate Studios. "We want to see music thrive and help musicians get their music out to their fans, through whatever route they think is most appropriate. We are building both the physical space to create, as well as the technology to record and share, that puts power back into the hands of musicians in a period when the digitisation of music continues to radically upset the old order of this industry".