Plan (EXCLUSIVE) 環球音樂首席檔案師解釋該公司大火後的藝人後續計劃

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  • Plan (EXCLUSIVE) 環球音樂首席檔案師解釋該公司大火後的藝人後續計劃


    ◎環球音樂集團所擁有的數十萬個錄音母帶在2008年大火遭到嚴重破壞的細節近日不斷湧現,Variety獲得該公司的錄音工作室和檔案管理高級副總裁Pat Kraus給員工的一份備忘錄,說明公司已採取的步驟。

    ◎環球音樂集團已創建了一個30多人組成的全球團隊,包括:檔案管理員、錄音工程師、製作人、開發人員和音樂家,他們將處理從接收、記錄和追蹤請求到檔案研究、數據分析、A&R管理和資產檢索等各個方面;此外,他們正與來自Iron Mountain的40多名外部專業人士合作,這個由70多名專業人士組成的團隊,將負責及時回應藝人所關注的音樂資產狀況的訊息及某些資產遺失的程度。


    As details about a serious 2008 fire that destroyed hundreds of thousands of master recordings owned by Universal Music Group continue to emerge, the company's SVP of Recording Studios & Archive Management, Pat Kraus, today issued a memo to the staff that Variety has obtained. The memo follows in full:

    Dear Colleagues,

    Today, I'm writing to you at the request of Sir Lucian following his note about the 2008 fire at NBCUniversal Studios to update you about the steps we have taken to provide our artists with transparency and answers as quickly as possible.

    Since last week, we have taken the below steps:

    We've created a worldwide team of more than 30 people from UMG to work on this project;

    This group features highly skilled professionals including archivists, recording engineers, producers, developers and musicologists that will handle everything from receiving, logging and tracking requests to archival research, data analysis, A&R administration and asset retrieval;

    We're bolstering those efforts with more than 40 outside professionals from Iron Mountain (our media storage partner) to work solely with us;

    This combined team of more than 70 professionals will be responsible for timely and open responses to artists about the status of musical assets under our care, as well as the extent to which certain assets were lost.

    With this team in place and responding to requests as promptly as possible, I wanted to also remind you that, if an artist or their representative inquires about the status of archived assets, please immediately ask them contact me at [redacted].