PlayStation Plus和Disney + 均報告訂閱量增長

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  • PlayStation Plus和Disney + 均報告訂閱量增長


    ◎兩家大公司公布基於訂閱的娛樂業務。(Sony Corporation)的業績包括宣布現在有4490萬人為(PlayStation Plus)服務付費,而上一季為4150萬人。Plus每月收費9.99美元,每季收費24.99美元,每年59.99美元,使人們能夠在線上玩(PlayStation 4)主機遊戲,以及每月獲得兩部免費的PS4遊戲和各種折扣。Sony的PlayStation網絡(相當一部分PS4擁有者)每月有1.13億活躍用戶,因此轉換率為39.7%。
    ◎視頻串流媒體Disney也透露了其(Disney +)服務的最新訂閱者人數。執行長(Bob Chapek)告訴分析師,全球已有超過6050萬付費用戶,遠遠超出最初預期。這比4月初的5000萬訂戶有所增加,因此(Disney +)每月淨增加約260萬新訂戶。(Bob Chapek)還指出,一旦加入Disney的其他D2C串流媒體服務Hulu和ESPN +,該公司的付費訂閱人數將超過1億。


    We like to keep an eye on subscription-based entertainment businesses outside music, and yesterday two big companies’ financial results offered us some new data to consider.
    Sony Corporation’s results included the announcement that there are now 44.9 million people paying for the PlayStation Plus service, up from 41.5 million a quarter ago.
    PS Plus costs $9.99 a month, $24.99 a quarter or $59.99 a year, and enables people to play PlayStation 4 console games online, as well as getting two free PS4 games a month and various discounts. Sony’s wider PlayStation Network (a decent measure of PS4 owners) has 113 million monthly active users, so that’s a conversion rate of 39.7%.
    Over in the video streaming world, meanwhile, Disney revealed the latest subscribers figure for its Disney+ service yesterday.
    “As of yesterday, we have surpassed 60.5 million paid subscribers globally, far exceeding our initial projections for the service,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek told analysts.
    That’s up from 50 million subscribers in early April, so Disney+ has been adding around 2.6 million net new subscribers a month. Chapek also pointed out that once Disney’s other D2C streaming services Hulu and ESPN+ are added in, the company has more than 100 million paid subscriptions.