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  • PledgeMusic發布了一則更新





    PledgeMusic issued an update late on Friday, but it failed to address the core issues for artists affected by late payments and a week long suspension of crowdfunding campaigns on the platform.

    Messaging to fans, which had been experiencing some problems, was again operational as is the ability to download of fan data, according to the announcement.

    The update also stated that the best way to contact the troubled crowdfunder is via "This will ensure that your inquiry will be linked to your account on the site, logged and ticketed. Any communication outside of this channel will not be tracked and therefore issues will take longer to get to and be harder to resolve."

    Missing was any explanation of when overdue payments to artists would be made or crowdfunding campaigns would resume, if ever. Only the latest in a series of apologies was offered:

    "We are deeply sorry for what you are going through and are working around the clock to resolve any and all outstanding issues."