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  • PledgeMusic的音樂和書籍發現平台Noisetrade被Paste媒體集團買下


    ◎Paste從PledgeMusic公司買下了音樂和書籍發現平台Noisetrade。Paste媒體集團旗下有Paste雜誌和現場音樂網站Daytrotter。Paste媒體集團表示「我們最近與Daytrotter合力,成為網路上最大的現場音樂表演整合網站,未來幾週內這些資料庫將被添加到NoiseTrade。為慶祝新力量的加入,我們將為NoiseTrade的粉絲提供免費下載一些我們最喜愛的Daytrotter演出,包括Bon Iver、The Avett Brothers、Lizzo、Mumford & Sons 、Wilco、Alabama Shakes、Gary Clark Jr.、Haim、The National、Tunde Olaniran、Brandi Carlile和Kamasi Washington的獨家錄音演出。」



    UPDATED: Paste has acquired music and book discovery platform Noisetrade from PledgeMusic. Paste Media Group controls Paste magazine and live music sessions site Daytrotter.

    This story has been updated to reflect the official announcement and Paste Media Group's status as an independent company. Also, from the announcement:

    "We recently combined forces with Daytrotter to become the largest collection of live music performances on the internet, and we'll be adding that library to NoiseTrade in the coming weeks, offering thousands of sessions to NoiseTrade's already abundant offering..."

    "To celebrate this joining of forces, we're offering free downloads of some of our favorite Daytrotter sessions to fans of NoiseTrade. Download exclusive recording sessions from Bon Iver, The Avett Brothers, Lizzo, Mumford & Sons (and Friends), Wilco, Alabama Shakes, Gary Clark Jr., Haim, The National, Tunde Olaniran, Brandi Carlile and Kamasi Washington."

    PledgeMusic is not part of the acquisition, according to sources with direct knowledge of the Noisetrade deal.

    In early February, PledgeMusic suspended all crowdfunding campaigns, leaving hundreds of artists and thousands of fans owed an estimated $1 million to $3 million. Since then, the company has been relatively silent at it sought to find a buyer.

    Despite PledgeMusic's problems, which also include it's biggest investor being charged for $25 million in fraud by the US Securities & Exchange Commission , staffers at the Noisetrade told Hypebot that they had been able to continue operations over the last two months relatively unaffected.

    But prior to today, Noisetrade's founders were still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from PledgeMusic's 2016 acquisition. "Some of that is late by 9 months now," he wrote, "and more than a couple hundred thousand is due in a few more months. I doubt any of that, including the $100,00 owed to me personally will be seen outside of a miracle," Noisetrade co-founder Brannon McAllister said last month.

    Now it's likely that McAllister and his co-founders will recieve at least some of their money. But the many artists affected by PledgeMusic are still left waiting for theirs.