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  • Prince遺產管理小組對歐洲盜版網絡提出訴訟



    ◎該訴訟為每一個註冊商標的違規行為各尋求200萬美元的賠償。一位沒有參與此案的明尼亞波利斯市版權律師Mike Sherrill表示,獲得賠償的可能性很小。


    Prince's estate is suing what it says it a European piracy network that is selling his music around the world, including his final concert.

    The lawsuit filed in federal court in Minnesota last week alleges that defendants in France, Belgium and the Netherlands are selling unreleased studio recordings and bootlegged recordings of his live performances without permission.

    The Star Tribune reports that the music includes the concert Prince gave in Atlanta a week before he died in 2016 of an accidental fentanyl overdose. The defendants didn't immediately reply to the newspaper's messages seeking comment. Court records don't list attorneys for them.

    The lawsuit seeks $2 million for each trademark violation.

    Mike Sherrill, a Minneapolis copyright attorney not involved in the case, says chances of collecting are slim.