Promoter 101播客將於今年秋季結束製作

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  • Promoter 101播客將於今年秋季結束製作


    ◎Promoter 101播客將於今年秋季結束製作。該播客節目在音樂產業中有一群龐大且忠誠的聽眾,由Emporium Presents的Dan Steinberg和WORKS Entertainment的Luke Pierce共同主持。最後一場節目將於10月在納許維爾舉行的年度IEBA產業大會上錄製。

    ◎該節目在Facebook粉絲專頁中寫道「製播3年後,Promoter101播客將於今年10月結束。Luke Pierce和Dan Steinberg將在接下來的幾個月裡與所有聽眾一起結束這個他們生活中的一章,並於納什維爾舉行的IEBA會議主題演講中進行一些精彩的最終採訪和最後一次現場播客特別節目。我們對從一開始就聆聽、出現並支持這個節目的所有人的感謝永遠不夠,我們從未想過它會在全球呈現出它自己的生活。我們很高興能夠完成我們最好的節目。」


    The Promoter 101 podcast will end production this Fall. The podcast show had a large and loyal music industry following despite the fact that co-hosts Dan Steinberg of Emporium Presents and WORKS Entertainment's Luke Pierce never asked me to appear on the show.

    The final show will be taped in October at the annual IEBA industry conference in Nashville.

    After 3 Years Promoter101 The Podcast will come to an end this October. Luke Pierce and Dan Steinberg will take the next few months to close out this chapter of their lives with all our listeners with some amazing final interviews and one last special live podcast in Nashville at the Keynote at the IEBA conference. We can not thank everyone enough that has listened, appeared and supported the show since it's inception, we never thought it would take on a life of it's own globally. We are excited to finish with our best run of shows yet.