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  • Prospa在3D虛擬倉庫中進行了現場直播


    ◎現在,英國二人組Prospa加快步伐,推出另一種虛擬實境:一個提供老式狂歡的倉庫派對。這是Prospa的唱片公司Rave Science與Polydor和3D建築師兼設計師(Petter Scholander)合作的結果,該節目在YouTube上以360度即時直播的形式播出了一個小時。


    Last week, we wrote about a livestreamed set by Dutch DJs W&W, for which they had a virtual stadium full of dancing fans created. Now British duo Prospa have put a different kind of virtual environment through its paces: a warehouse for an old-school rave. It was the result of a partnership between Polydor, Prospa’s label Rave Science, and 3D architect and designer Petter Scholander, with a one-hour set broadcast on YouTube as a 360-degree live stream last Thursday night. There was even a ‘queue’ to get in: a CCTV-style camera feed of the virtual warehouse’s exterior broadcast on Instagram before the event kicked off on YouTube.
    The full video has since been uploaded to Prospa’s YouTube channel, with plans to open the virtual warehouse again in three weeks’ time, complete with special guests.