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  • PS5媒體合作夥伴有Spotify,Apple,YouTube和Netflix


    ◎今年11月是新遊戲機月,Microsoft的「Xbox Series X」與「Series S」,加上Sony的「PlayStation 5」首次亮相。 雖然遊戲是重點,但音樂和視頻流也將成為其中的一部分。
    ◎Son透露,在發佈時,PS5將在其媒體中心中提供適用於Apple TV,Disney+,Netflix,Spotify,Twitch和YouTube的應用程式,以及Amazon Prime Video等。此外,還將有一個針對媒體的遠程控制設備來控制此操作,並具有用於Spotify,YouTube,Netflix和Disney +的專用按鈕。
    ◎ PS5控制台還具有一個新的控制中心,使您比以往任何時候都更容易控制音樂,因此您可以在頻道之間快速切換,跳過和暫停音樂。


    November this year is New Consoles Month, with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S plus Sony’s PlayStation 5 making their debuts. While games are the focus, music and video streaming will also be part of the packages.
    Sony revealed some of its plans yesterday: at launch the PS5 will have apps for Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube available in its media hub, with Amazon Prime Video and more to follow.
    There’s also going to be a media-focused remote-control device to control this, with dedicated buttons for Spotify, YouTube, Netflix and Disney+.
    “The PS5 console also features a new Control Center that makes controlling your music easier than ever before, so you can quickly switch between channels, skip, and pause your music,” said Sony.