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  • RealNetworks以100萬美元預付金接手Napster音樂串流服務


    ◎經營著Napster音樂串流服務的RealNetworks公司已將其在Rhapsody International持有的股份增加了一倍,RealNetworks現在擁有Napster的84%股份,並將以獨立子公司營運Napster。該筆交易使Napster的估值低於1.4億美元。Bill Patrizio將繼續擔任Napster的執行長,Rob Glaser將繼續擔任董事長。Rhapsody已於2010年從RealNetworks分離出來。

    ◎RealNetworks承諾預先支付100萬美元現金,並「在一定條件下」額外支付1400萬美元。如果Napster表現得好,支付總額可能高達4000萬美元。如果在未來ㄓ年內有出售或類似的股權流動事件,由Columbus Nova Technology Partners所管理的法人實體將獲得全部4000萬美元,其中所併購的42%股權的總股本價值將超過6000萬美元。


    RealNetworks has doubled its stake in Rhapsody International, which operates the Napster music streaming service. RealNetworks now owns 84% of Napster and will operate it as an independent subsidiary. The transaction values Napster at less than $140 million.

    Bill Patrizio will continue to be Napster's CEO, and Rob Glaser will continue as Chairman.

    Rhapsody had been spun off from RealNetworks in 2010.

    RealNetworks has committed to pay just $1 million cash up front and an additional $14 million "over time subject to certain conditions." If Napster performs, the total payment could total of up to $40 million. The entity managed by CNTP would receive the full $40 million in the case of a sale or similar liquidity event within the next five years where total equity value of the 42% equity interest acquired would exceed $60 million.

    Rob Glaser, Chairman and CEO of RealNetworks, Chairman of Napster:

    "We are very pleased to have deepened our partnership with Napster. Under Bill Patrizio's leadership, Napster has delivered five consecutive quarters of positive operating income and generated over $14 million in operating income in the first three quarters of 2018. This success was achieved by pivoting to a B2B strategy focused on selling the Napster platform as a service. We think Napster's future is very bright."

    Cary Baker, RealNetworks' CFO:

    "The unique deal structure is one that we believe will drive significant value for RealNetworks' shareholders. The terms and deal structure reflect the unusual circumstances that CNTP has been operating under since a major limited partner of its managed funds – including Applebee – was sanctioned by the U.S. Government in April 2018. In spite of these circumstances, Napster continued to execute on its business plan and had a strong 2018 operationally. These circumstances are now a closed chapter for Napster."