Red Pill虛擬實境與Sensorium投注7000萬美元於現場音樂社交虛擬實境

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  • Red Pill虛擬實境與Sensorium投注7000萬美元於現場音樂社交虛擬實境


    ◎Red Pill虛擬實境和Sensorium公司已經達成戰略合作夥伴關係,推出一個平台,把現場音樂體驗延伸到現實中,將電影、遊戲及社交虛擬實境(SVR)相結合,未具名的投資者已承諾為該項目注資7000萬美元。

    ◎Sensorium公司的投資長Ingvar Goldman表示,SVR克服了虛擬實境的障礙,特別是情感隔離,粉絲將體驗新的視覺和聲音效果,創建屬於自己的內容,並可透過即時交流和自我表達,與朋友一起探索SVR,就如同他們親自探索一樣。



    Red Pill VR and Sensorium Corporation have formed a strategic partnership to launch a platform that unifies live music experiences in extended reality, cinema and gaming alongside Social Virtual Reality (SVR)..

    Unnamed investors have pledged $70 million to the project

    "SVR overcomes hurdles of modern virtual reality, specifically the emotional isolation of the user," said Ingvar Goldman, CVO, Sensorium Corporation. "We've completely removed this obstacle by creating compelling shared virtual worlds centered around music, gaming events, and shows. Fans will experience new visual and sound effects, create their own content and can explore SVR with friends through real-time communication and self-expression, as seamlessly as they would in person".

    A prototype of the SVR experience will debut at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall Booth 523, including live soundscape sessions and a holographic LED screen from 3DLive. A public launch is expected in 2020.