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  • Revelator推出「藝人錢包」可進行版稅即時支付


    ◎多地域的音樂權利管理者Revelator推出了「藝人錢包Artist Wallet」,這是一個版權的移動應用程式,使用智能合約技術將未來應收費用轉換為即時支付版稅。緩慢、延遲和不準確的版稅使用費分配問其一直以來都困擾著娛樂產業,使用「藝人錢包」,當一首歌在線上或在收音機上播放時,權利持有者會透過他們的移動裝置直接獲得通知,並可以查看和兌現他們的版稅。智能合約架構旨在實現準確的實時拆分,以及增強版權交易清算和結算的可視性。付款會在同時自動分配給所有利益相關者。

    ◎底層基礎架構由Revelator Pro提供支持,Revelator Pro是一個雲端原生的全端版權管理平台,有超過25個國家/地區的9萬多名版權所有者使用該平台。在一項業界首個達成的合作夥伴關係中,Revelator、BMAT和芬蘭的表演權組織Teosto一起致力於藉由近乎實時的監測和處理廣播表演權數據,來推進表演權版稅的支付方式。除了即時付款,「藝人錢包」還支援數位資產註冊、拆分和合約管理、透明帳戶報告以及進入設計用來改變業務交易速度的應用程式網絡的權限。Revelator將在坎城的MIDEM 2019國際唱片展中展示其端到端的錢包解決方案。


    Multi-territorial music rights administrator Revelator has launched Artist Wallet, a mobile copyright app that uses smart contracts technology to turn future receivables into instant royalty payments. Slow, delayed and inaccurate distribution of royalty payments have long afflicted the entertainment industry.

    Using Artist Wallet, when a song is streamed online or played on the radio, rights holders are notified directly on their mobile device, and can access and cash out their royalties. The smart contract architecture is designed to enable accurate real-time splits, as well as, enhanced visibility for clearance and settlement of royalty transactions. Payments are automatically distributed to all the stakeholders at the same time.

    "Recording artists as well as publishers have the unique struggle of income disparity and lack of transparency. Our job as a global copyright platform is to help modernize the costly and time-consuming business processes in entertainment rights and royalties. This will ultimately ensure that music makers have quick, efficient, and secure access to their earnings, whenever and wherever they need them." - Bruno Guez, CEO Revelator

    The underlying infrastructure is powered by Revelator Pro, a cloud-native full-stack copyright administration platform used by more than 90,000 rights holders in over 25 countries. In an industry-first partnership, Revelator, BMAT and Teosto, a PRO from Finland, are working to advance the way performance royalties are paid by introducing near real time monitoring and processing of radio performance data.

    "We are pioneering the way the performance royalties are paid, where our authors and publishers would get money in a matter of minutes, after a song was played on a radio, directly to a digital Wallet. At Teosto, we continue to focus on innovation and new ways of thinking in order to provide premium class music rights management services for our members." - Ano Sirppiniemi, CDO of Teosto.

    In addition to instant payments, the Artist Wallet enables digital asset registration, splits and contract management, transparent account reporting, and access to a network of applications designed to transform the speed of business transactions.

    Revelator will demo its end-to-end Wallet solution at MIDEM 2019 in Cannes.