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  • RIAA研究顯示,在Aamzon與eBay上銷售的CD,有高達25%屬偽造




    Amazon and eBay are facilitating the sales of thousands of counterfeit CDs each day, according to a new study by the RIAA. The rampant sale of counterfeit CD was first revealed in 2016 studies conducted by both the RIAA and A2IM.
    In 2016, The Association of Independent Music issued a warning regarding a "serious counterfeit operation selling large numbers of CDs" using Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) system."
    Here's what the RIAA found in July of 2019:
    25% CD purchases that were ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ were counterfeit
    11% of the CD purchased from Amazon direct were counterfeit
    16% of the CD purchased fon eBay were counterfeit
    Fake Greatest Hits
    From the RIAA: "In addition to the concerns noted above, we regularly see fake “best of” or “greatest hits” CDs or vinyl for major record label artists available on these platforms, even though the major record labels never released such a “best of” or “greatest hits” album, or never released the album on vinyl."